Biomaterials and Advanced Drug Delivery


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Biophysical characterization of drug molecules:

Multi-step organic synthesis:

Materials synthesis Characterization:

Bioanalytical division:

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Hands on training for cell and molecular biology techniques used in drug discovery, drug validation and efficacy assessment in biological systems

BioADD offers one on one training in the following technologies –

1. Protein expression

2. Protein purification using FPLC/AKTA

3. PCR, Cloning, Restriction digestion

4. Immunocytochemistry, Immunohistochemistry, Immunoprecipitation

5. Sub-cellular fractionation

5. SDS-PAGE and advanced electrophoresis techniques

6. Cell and bacterial cultures

7. Primary cultures from hippocampal and cortical neurons

8. Designing and developing cell based assays (Spine density, cell migration assay, cell death assay etc.)

9. Fluorescence microscopy, AFM, Raman

10. Atomic force-distance spectroscopy and protein immobilization technology


12. Synergy assay development

13. Trace element analysis from pro and eukaryotic cells

14. Developing animal models of neurodegeneration

15. Enzyme assays


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